Gender Pay Gap Higher in Canada

business_ethics_highlights_2According to this report by a consulting firm, the gender pay gap (women getting paid less, despite similar jobs and similar qualifications) is surprisingly high in Canada. One interesting question comes to mind: given this pronounced statistical difference, how are differences hidden on a case-by-case basis? Presumably if Bob and Sally are similarly qualified and do similar jobs and sit next to each other, they have the opportunity to compare notes and to spot the difference. Does that go on? Or is wage secrecy a factor? Or are the compared jobs less directly ‘adjacent’ to each other, literally or figuratively? >>>

LINK: Gender pay gap in Canada more than twice global average, study shows

Canadian working women are making about $8,000 less a year than men doing an equivalent job, says a study that highlights the persistence of gender inequalities in the workplace.

That gap is double the global average,….

What do you think?

(For another perspective, see this interpretation of the gender gap by Harvard economist Claudia Goldin.)

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