Uber’s New Privacy Policy

business_ethics_highlights_2Uber is one of the most interesting companies around, whether from the point of view of innovation, disruption, or ethics. Their business model literally is a “game changer.” But they’ve faced lots of criticism. The Uber blog entry below is about one attempt to deflect some of that criticism. >>>

LINK: An Update On Privacy At Uber

…In the interest of transparency we also want to highlight some changes to our policies, which cover new services, such as UberEATS, as well as potential new use cases. For example, these changes would allow Uber to ask for access to a rider’s location when the app is running in the background and get people on their way more quickly. In addition, these changes would allow Uber to launch new promotional features that use contacts — for example the ability to send special offers to riders’ friends or family. In either case, users will be in control: they will be able to choose whether to share the data with Uber…..

What do you think?

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