Patagonia Blogs About ‘Slavery’ in its Own Supply Chain

business_ethics_highlights_2When garment retailer Patagonia discovered disturbing practices in its suppliers’ factories, it didn’t just quietly move to fix the problem: it blogged about it. >>>

LINK: What Patagonia Did When It Found Human Slaves in Its Supply Chain

Imagine the shock when in 2011 the company learned that some of its suppliers put workers through deplorable conditions–including making them pay thousands of dollars just to work. To secure a job in Taiwan, migrant workers must pay a “broker” to help them find a position. As Patagonia notes, these fees can be upwards of $7,000, and can take migrant workers more than two years to repay.

“We quite frankly discovered modern slavery in our supply chain,”….

Here’s Patagonia’s blog entry: The Unacceptably High Cost of Labor – How a deeper dive into our supply chain led to a new Migrant Worker Standard

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