Is the Job, as We Have Known It, Disappearing?

business_ethics_highlights_2When the project or the transaction – rather than the firm – becomes the efficient unit of economic organization, how coherent remains the idea of anyone being a “stakeholder” in anything? Stakeholder interests merge asymptotically with contractual rights. Business ethics’s main conceptual categories look less durable and more like relics of the 20th century. >>>

LINK: The Full-Time Job Is Dead

For the past 100 years, the 40-hour job has been the centerpiece of work life because there was no better way for people to gather in one place at the same time to connect, collaborate and produce.

But technology is now changing the nature of work. The trend points to a new era in which most of us will work in multiple “micro-careers” at the same time, leaving the traditional full-time job behind. “Work” is likely to turn into a marketplace in the cloud rather than a desk and a chair at a traditional corporation. A free agent workforce will be able to make a good living layering a number of professional relationships, entrepreneurial passions and other money-making pursuits on top of each other.

What do you think?

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