Why Character Doesn’t Matter (in Conflict of Interest)

business_ethics_highlights_2The blog entry below discusses recent testimony in the LIBOR rigging case to highlight an important point: when it comes to conflict of interest, character is beside the point. COI isn’t about whether you’re an honest person: it’s about whether you, the honest person, are in a situation that is liable to warp your decision-making or the advice you give, despite your inherent honesty. >>>

LINK: Inherent conflicts of interest and behavioral ethics

…the overarching behavioral ethics point that to reduce the risk of ethical transgression often one cannot always count on the characters of those involved. Rather, the situation will play the decisive role. Inherent COIs are an instance of that. Granted, they are just one of many such types, but they may also be more common than most others, and hence worth further study….

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