Overcharging at Whole Foods

business_ethics_highlights_2So, the accusation is that Whole Foods has been overcharging — and not just in the usual, banal sense of making yuppies pay a 25% premium for organic foods that are no safer and no more nutritious than regular food. >>>

LINK: You Were Right. Whole Foods Is Ripping You Off. (by Inae Oh in Mother Jones)

…New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs has opened a probe into a laundry list of pricing violations going back to at least 2010, mainly dealing with mislabeling prepackaged food products with incorrect weights. An agency spokesperson said that when investigators weighed 80 different items at eight locations, every single one of the labels were found to be incorrect, usually overcharging the customer.

One item cost $4.85 more than its correct price…..

What do you think?

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