The Long Short Guide to Ethical Corporate Culture

business_ethics_highlights_2Below is a blog entry about a blog entry, tackling the tough issue of ethical workplace culture. The substance of the thing lies in a very long “to do” list for companies. So, the question for discussion: what is the value and what are the limits of bits of advice such as “Set Ethical Boundaries” and “Use the Precautionary Principle” and “High Degree of Transparency”? >>>

LINK: So You’d Like To Work In A More Ethical Culture? (by Victor Lipman in Forbes)

if you work in a culture that habitually cuts ethical corners or you sometimes feel your management has the scruples of a timber rattler… well, this can be a big problem. But how to attack the problem? Where does one start? It can feel like a huge overwhelming issue. Which is why I was surprised and pleased to come across a recent ….

What do you think?

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