Ethical Consumers Vacation in Greece

business_ethics_highlights_2Want to do use your consumer dollars to do something good in the world? Well, the Greek economy is in deep, deep trouble. And recently there have been suggestions that, based on the enormous cultural and intellectual debt owed to Greece (ever heard of Plato? Aristotle?) by all of the western world, perhaps we all ought to chip in to help out. If enough of us donated just a few dollars… Well, that’s not going to happen. And besides, this is a better suggestion. Because what Greece really needs is trade and commerce. So, you can do a lot of good for the birthplace of western civilization by heading there, if you can afford it, for a beach vacation. >>>

LINK: Want to help Greece? Go there on holiday (by Alex Andreou for The Guardian)

…We understand that you have a choice and we understand why you have chosen Greece right now. Tourism is liquidity. Tourism is solidarity.

If you are thinking of helping my country in this way, there are ways to do so perfectly safely and to maximise the benefit. It is important to say that there has been no violence, at all, anywhere. And whenever there has been any trouble in the past, it has always confined itself in a very small and easily avoidable area, in the very centre of Athens. If you are feeling even a little nervous about it, plenty of airlines fly directly to dozens of resorts and stunning, out-of-the-way destinations…..

What do you think?

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