Fired for Mock ISIS Beheading at Work

business_ethics_highlights_2The story below is about a bunch of bank employees being fired for some stunningly insensitive behaviour. Surely no one will defend such behaviour. But should firing really be the one-size-fits-all solution? In this case, the firing was probably inevitable, and justified, due in part to the fact that the employees involved filmed their idiocy and posted it online, putting their employer in a very bad light. But the cases in which firing is-or-is-not justified is a great topic for debate. >>>

LINK: HSBC fires employees who staged ISIS beheading as team-building exercise (from the Associated Press, via CBC)

HSBC has fired six employees who staged a mock ISIS group-style execution during a team-building exercise.

The Sun newspaper reported Tuesday the footage posted online showed five workers wearing overalls and balaclavas laughing as a South Asian colleague wearing an orange jumpsuit knelt at their feet….

What do you think?

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