Exxon’s Early Suspicions Regarding Climate Change

business_ethics_highlights_2This story is a bit overblown, but still worth knowing about. Apparently some folks at Exxon were hip to the question of CO2 and climate change over 30 years ago. Of course, as Exxon’s PR folks are now pointing out, the fact that the company had questions 30 years ago, and didn’t immediately act to curtail CO2 emissions, isn’t exactly damning, since the issue really, really was in its infancy then, and having questions is not the same as having answers. On the other hand, the company’s apparent funding of climate-change deniers is much more clearly blameworthy. >>>

LINK: Exxon knew of human role in climate change in 1981, then funded denial (by Renee Lewis for Al Jazeera)

Exxon deliberately deceived the public about the human impact on climate change for nearly three decades, launching its campaign to deliberately spread misinformation years before global warming became a hot-button issue, according to a new report….

What do you think?

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