The Environmental Upside of a Horrible Airplane Seating Idea

business_ethics_highlights_2An airplane seat manufacturer has come up with a novel seating arrangement designed to fit more people into an airplane cabin. Most commentators have thought the idea a horrible one. Not only would people be more cramped, but they also face each other in an awkward way. But we haven’t seen anyone point out the obvious environmental advantages. More people in a airplane cabin obviously means higher profits for airlines, but it also means less fuel consumption, which is good for the environment. Not that that’s necessarily a compelling argument! >>>

LINK: New airline seat arrangement looks to increase passenger capacity (by Hugo Martin in LA Times)

One of the world’s largest airline seat makers, Zodiac Seats France, has applied for a patent to reconfigure the seats on airplanes so that every other passenger in a row is facing toward the back of the plane. That means that in a row of three fliers, the seat by the window and the seat by the aisle face toward the front of the plane while the middle seat faces toward the back…..

What do you think?

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