Ethics of Pricing: Wisconsin vs Meijer’s Low Prices

business_ethics_highlights_2Some people are never satisfied. Raise your prices and you’re a price gouger. Price the same as your competitors, you’re in collusion. Price lower than your competitors, you’re in violation of Wisconsin’s consumer-unfriendly Unfair Sales Act. >>>

LINK: Meijer investigated in Wisconsin for pricing too low (by Shandra Martinez in Mlive)

There are 37 products reported in four complaints filed against the Michigan-based retailer, according to documents provided to MLive and The Grand Rapids Press under the Freedom of Information Act by the state of Wisconsin.

Products reported to be priced too low range from 28-cents a pound bananas to a $1.99 gallon of milk.

The complaints were filed with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, which is charged with enforcing the the Unfair Sales Act, also known as the minimum markup law, which covers the sale of gas, tobacco and general merchandise products sold in Wisconsin.

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