Ethics of Business Bashing? (WaPo op-ed)

business_ethics_highlights_2Is profit a measure of how much value one has created for society or how much value one has extracted from it? This question, perhaps more than any other, informs our collective ambivalence about commerce. Here, University of Maryland entrepreneurship professor Rajshree Agarwal exhorts Washington Post readers to embrace the creation narrative. >>>

LINK: Business Rx: Here’s why, ethically, you should stop bashing business (by Rajshree Agarwal in Washington Post)

Business students already learn about the need for honesty and integrity. But they also need to be given historical and philosophical perspectives to help them understand the role of enterprise and markets in both the creation of value and its distribution.

Far too many of our ethical lessons these days are focused on how value ought to be distributed, while not thinking about the principles required to create value in the first place. What follows are five often-overlooked lessons that future business leaders need to know.

What do you think?

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