Is YOUR Marijuana Ethically Sourced?

business_ethics_highlights_2If you enjoy weed, do you make sure that your weed is ethically sourced? The commentary linked below points to the hypocrisy of worrying endlessly about whether your arugula is locally grown and organic, while smoking a joint made from marijuana grown in a far-away land, potentially harvested by slave labour, and tied in various ways to the least seemly parts of the drug trade. There’s a further, interesting point here. Just as the fact that something is legal doesn’t mean it’s ethical, the fact that something is illegal doesn’t mean that we can’t ask meaningful ethical questions about it. >>>

LINK: Don’t bang on to me about ethical food if you still keep a stash of very unfairly traded weed (by Jay Raynor in The Guardian)

…unless you’re buying from some hydroponics whizz working from a nearby attic, finding a local supply of grass is tough. And as yet no one has slapped a Fairtrade mark on cocaine. We appear to have a disconnect, albeit an understandable one. Buying ethically produced food, and making a statement about yourself by doing so, is now so easy it requires little or no thought. Thinking about where your narcotics come from, on the other hand, is so difficult it’s simply easier not to do so…..

What do you think?

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