Walmart Stops Selling Semi-Auto Rifles

business_ethics_highlights_2Corporate reasons, and corporate motives, are complex things. Given the complexity of corporate decision making, sometimes there’s no single reason why a company did something, let alone a single reason that can be reliable determined by outsiders. In other words, the correct response to the question posed below about Walmart’s motives might be…

  • a) “they did it because of lagging sales,” or
  • b) “they did it because of controversy,” but it might also be
  • c) “we’ll never know,” or even
  • d) “there simply is no answer to this question.”

The fact that the last 2 options are unappealing doesn’t make them wrong. >>>

LINK: Walmart Says It’s Pulling Semi-Automatic Rifles — Due to Poor Sales (by M. Alex Johnson for NBC News)

Walmart said Wednesday it’s removing semi-automatic rifles and similar sports firearms from its stores because not enough people are buying them — not because of attention to shootings like Wednesday’s killings of two Virginia journalists on live TV….

What do you think?

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