Conflict of Interest at a Teacher’s Union

business_ethics_highlights_2The piece linked below is, in a sense, really about corporate personhood. Unions are corporations (in the relevant sense). What the author is essentially pointing out is that the interests of the organization aren’t identical to those of its “members.” Without the notion of corporate personhood, this would be hard to express. >>>

LINK: Did the OSSTF Mishandle a Conflict of Interest? (by Chris MacDonald in Policy Options)

The leaders of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation mishandled the conflict of interest they were in with regard to the large and unusual payment they agreed to from the province as part of a recent settlement. It is important to specify here that they mishandled it, because being in a conflict of interest is not in itself unproblematic, at least until you handle it badly.

As reported recently, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) accepted a $1,000,000 payment from the province – a payment directly to the union – as part of an agreement to settle a high-profile labour dispute…..

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