The Value of Trust

business_ethics_highlights_2What’s the dollar value of trust? We all realize that having people we trust around us makes life better — in fact, it makes life bearable! But trust is also crucial for business. The piece linked below contemplates the “dollar value” of trust, and the various mechanisms that enable trust, and what happens when people stop trusting a company, as recently happened to pharmaceutical company Valeant. >>>

LINK: Trust is the most valuable asset any company has (by Chris MacDonald in Canadian Business)

If trust enables business, then trust has a real value, in real dollars and cents. So what, then, is the dollar value of trust? I estimate the dollar value of trust, within the global economy, at roughly $102 trillion—in other words, the entire nominal Gross World Product for 2014. Without trust, all commerce on the planet would literally grind to a halt…..

What do you think?

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