We Should Congratulate Nestlé for Disclosing Slave Labour

business_ethics_highlights_2We should all congratulate Nestlé, loudly and repeatedly, for this disclosure. We should do so for two reasons. One is that they’ve helped highlight a supply chain problem shared by lots and lots of companies. Second, if we shame them for having had the problem, rather than commending them for admitting and fixing the problem, we do substantial damage to whatever motives Nestlé and other companies have to make similar disclosures in the future. >>>

LINK: Nestlé admits slave-caught seafood present in its supply chain (by [Author] for Source)

Impoverished migrant workers in Thailand are sold or lured by false promises and forced to catch and process fish that ends up in global food giant Nestlé SA’s supply chains.

The unusual disclosure comes from Geneva-based Nestlé SA itself, which in an act of self-policing planned to announce the conclusions of its year-long internal investigation on Monday. The study found virtually all U.S. and European companies buying seafood from Thailand are exposed to the same risks of abuse in their supply chains…..

What do you think?

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