Does Teaching Ethics Improve Ethics?

business_ethics_highlights_2Do ethics classes make people more ethical? In the piece below, a University of Central Florida business professor argues that business schools can, and should, do more to reduce unethical behaviour in the workplace. The ambition is clearly a good one, at least in theory. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of evidence to suggest that university ethics classes have a direct, causal impact on workplace behaviour. Still, it’s a worthy topic for discussion. >>>

LINK: More Ethics Training in Classroom Will Benefit Workplace Behaviors Later (by William Steiger for UCF Today)

Cheating at business schools of all sizes is widespread, according to a study a few years ago by the Association to Advance College Schools of Business, which accredits 740 of the world’s best business schools in 50 countries.

Since it appears that many students at those accredited schools tend to accept, or at least tolerate, academic dishonesty – despite their exposure to ethics as mandated by the association – it is possible that they will be open to dishonesty and unethical behavior in the workplace…..

What do you think?

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