Rating Employees’ Ethical Behaviour

business_ethics_highlights_2A move by a major corporation to reward employees for ethical behaviour is bound to attract attention; but we have lots of questions about the story linked below. Who will do the ratings? Based on what? How will they measure things like bad behaviours avoided? We’re not being cynical here — just acknowledging that there are tough challenges involved in doing something that plenty of people believe corporations absolutely should be doing. >>>

LINK: This investment bank has started scoring employees based on their behavior (from Business Insider)

Swiss bank UBS has begun scoring employees specifically on their behavior, meaning year-end bonuses could be affected by whether they act ethically or are team players, two sources familiar with the policy said on Monday.

UBS, Switzerland’s biggest bank with around 60,000 employees worldwide, began last year giving staff a grade of one to five on their behavior, the criteria for which include integrity and collaboration…..

What do you think?

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