Unethical Recruitment Practices of College Football Teams

business_ethics_highlights_2Should a businessperson’s word be as good as a contract? And should universities be held to a higher standard than the average businessperson in this regard? Those are just some of the questions that arise in this story of broken promises — promises made by college football recruiters to earnest high school players. >>>

LINK: High school ahtletes get schooled in hard truth of recruiting (by David Thompson for the Beaumont Enterprise)

…Sitting in his kitchen with his mother crying softly in the background, Beverly felt betrayed by a program that had begun courting him as an underclassmen.

Beverly, a 6-foot-5, 330-pound senior offensive lineman, became a victim of the ugly side of college recruiting, one that comes with false promises and fake smiles. He learned that though recruiters and coaches make the process personal to forge loyalty, it quickly becomes impersonal when they decide to sever ties…..

What do you think?

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