Bribery & Whistleblowing: Responsibility at the Top

business_ethics_highlights_2Lots of room for blame at the top here. The board member got herself into the headline, but it’s also worth noting the quote by the CEO who admitted that the company’s agent in India had probably bribed someone, but apparently told an investigator, “I’d say that was his problem not mine.” Um, no. >>>

LINK: Top director spurned corruption whistleblower as corporate scandal grows (by Nick McKenzie, Richard Baker, Michael Bachelard for the Syndey Morning Herald)

Top Australian businesswoman and ABC board member Dr Kirstin Ferguson failed to protect a whistleblower who personally alerted her to a corruption scandal inside the nation’s biggest mining services company.
Instead, the whistleblower was forced out of Thiess in 2014 and a confidential internal corruption inquiry report, that included bribery claims involving Thiess and a top Indian politician, remained buried….

What do you think?

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