A Women-Friendly Alternative to Uber?

business_ethics_highlights_2A very interesting new Uber-like venture is starting soon, providing cars driven BY women FOR women. Charges of sexism are sure to arise, even if the sexism here is based on actual data about how likely men are to commit violent crimes, compared to women. After all, the business model here is built upon denying service to half the population, based on gender. That’s typically illegal. (See also this Boston Globe story about that part: Uber, but for women? Probably illegal, experts say)

Notice however that this is in part a form of risk pooling, just like insurance: lower-risk drivers working with lower-risk riders, just the way non-smokers get “pooled” with non-smokers in terms of the premiums they pay for insurance.) Interesting also to contemplate that, as a form of risk-pooling, this raises the risk to male drivers — they’ll get fewer safe passengers (i.e., female passengers). >>>

LINK: Here’s Why Women Everywhere Will Delete Uber On April 19 (by Sara Driscoll for Dose)

…The premise behind Chariot for Women is simple: rides for women, by women. That means only ladies (and males under age 13) can request rides. When your chariot arrives, there will be a lady behind the wheel. Every single ride, every single time.

Each member of Chariot for Women’s exclusively-female driver squad will be thoroughly background-checked before she’s accepted to the platform. Just like Uber, a passenger will see a picture of her driver, as well as the car’s make and license plate number, when she requests a ride.

There will also be a “safe word” sent to the potential passenger. If the driver knows the right word, the ride can begin; if she does not, the passenger knows not to get into the car.

Knowing your driver is qualified? Check. Knowing who’s picking you up? Check. Even after all of that, knowing a safe word to reassure you even more? Check…

What do you think?

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