What Do Ethics Awards Mean?

business_ethics_highlights_2There’s good reason to be skeptical about ethics awards. On one hand, it’s a nice idea: offer a “carrot” to incentivize & reward good behaviour. On the other hand, the true meaning of such awards (and what they really measure) is often unclear. The piece linked below focuses on one particular award, but the criticism applies much more broadly. >>>

LINK: A closer look at the ‘most ethical’ company rankings (by Arthur J. Schwartz for Philadelphia Business Journal)

Have you ever heard of the Ethisphere Institute?

It is a for-profit company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, that prides itself on the being the “global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices.” Earlier this year the group announced that 131 companies spanning 21 countries and 45 industries were named to its annual list of the world’s “Most Ethical Companies.” 2016 marks the 10th year that Ethisphere has recognized companies worldwide.

The more I learned about Ethisphere’s selection process, the more I pondered the validity of the designation…

What do you think?

See also “The Ethics of Ethics Awards”
as well as: “Tobacco Company Smokes the Competition on Corporate Citizenship”

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