Pfizer Won’t Sell Lethal Injection Drugs

business_ethics_highlights_2Here’s an interesting case of a company refusing to be complicit in — and to profit from — the death penalty. It’s interesting to ask what social responsibility demands here. Does it demand going along with what society’s putative representatives in government want? If so, is this a case where ethics and social responsibility are at odds? (Also: one wonders whether correctional institutions will turn to the black market to obtain the drugs they need.) >>>

LINK: Pfizer blocks its drugs from use in lethal injections (From Reuters)

Pfizer Inc has taken steps to ensure that none of its products are used in lethal injections, the largest U.S. drugmaker said on Friday.

“We are enforcing a distribution restriction for specific products that have been part of, or considered by some states for, their lethal injection protocols,” the New York-based drugmaker said on its website. “Pfizer strongly objects to the use of its products as lethal injections for capital punishment.”

The move shuts off the last remaining open market source of drugs used in executions….

What do you think?

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