Do Trump’s Children Pose Bigger Conflict of Interest Problem than Trump Himself?

business_ethics_highlights_2There has been much chatter about the Conflict of Interest problem posed by president-elect Donald Trump’s business empire, and the fact that he seems unprepared to sever himself from a decision-making role in that empire. The blog entry below draws a link between this problem and the settlement in a court case involving one of America’s biggest banks. >>>

LINK: Trump Princelings (by Jeff Kaplan for The Conflict of Interest Blog)

The most recent post on this blog concerned the possibility of President Elect Trump putting his assets in a trust which would be managed by his children to avoid conflicts of interest that could arise from his management and ownership of such assets while in office. Since then an unrelated legal development has occurred which further underscores the challenge facing Trump: the announcement that JP Morgan was settling the “Princeling” case, which involved the bank’s hiring the sons and daughters of important Chinese officials in return for business. The case (which will likely be followed by others of its sort) is a timely reminder that helping one’s children can inspire corruption – and not just in China….

What do you think?

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