Corporate Support for Local School: Win-Win CSR?

business_ethics_highlights_2The story below is about a corporation lending substantial support — $1 million worth — to a local school that was to be closed. At first blush, at least, this seems like corporate social responsibility of the win-win kind: the community gets to keep its school, and the company helps ensure that employees won’t flee the community for lack of access to education for their kids. One also wonders whether this will start a trend. If so, it will represent an interesting reversal: instead of companies asking municipalities for tax concessions in order to stay, municipalities asking for donations in order to keep vital infrastructure functioning. >>>

LINK: Scoop on school closings: Chapman’s Ice Cream offers to help (by Kristin Rushowy for the Toronto Star)

In one rural Ontario community, an ice cream company has offered to scoop up a school to stop it from being shut down.

Worried about the impact of the loss of the only elementary in Markdale, Chapman’s Ice Cream has a sweet deal: it will spend about $1 million to buy the building, and lease it back to the local board.

“Simply put, for the first time in literally decades, we have people wanting to invest in this area, this community and this town,” said vice-president Ashley Chapman, who himself attended Beavercrest Community School.

Chapman’s has started the first phase of a major expansion and expects to employ about 1,000 in total in five years’ time…

What do you think?

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