Leadership, Aesthetic & Ethical

business_ethics_highlights_2In the short article linked below, Abe J. Zakhem offers commentary Vivi Storsletten and Ove Jakobsen’s 2015 paper, “Development of Leadership Theory in the Perspective of Kierkegaard’s Philosophy.” >>>

LINK: Kierkegaard and Leadership Theory, a Radical Reappraisal (by Abe J. Zakhem for Business Ethics Journal Review [full PDF available for free])

Storsletten and Jakobsen (2015) try to integrate the instrumental, responsible, and spiritual positions in leadership studies with Kierkegaard’s aesthetic, ethical, and religious modes of existence. Their combination of leadership theory and Kierkegaardian thought, however, seems deeply problematic. In particular, the instrumental-aesthetic and responsible-ethical connections appear weak or at least significantly underdeveloped, and the spiritual-religious connection seems logically inconsistent.

What do you think?

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