Donald Trump & business ethics

business_ethics_highlights_2The piece linked below is critical of now-President Donald Trump. Interestingly, it cites his experience as a businessperson as the source of the problem. It’s worth noting that Trump has been a very particular kind of businessperson—namely the head of a privately-owned conglomerate. As chairman and president of Trump Organization, Trump didn’t work his way up through a corporate hierarchy, didn’t learn teamwork along the way, etc. He also got to rely a lot on the Trump name, and was less reliant on basic ethical principles (like “my word is my bond.”) It’s not clear that Trump’s style and his brand of ethics are truly reflective of business today. >>>

LINK: Donald Trump is no role model for business ethics (by Ann Skeet for Market Watch)

President-elect Donald Trump knows one job — business owner and chief shareholder. He does not have experience in either government or governance, leaving him ethically inexperienced and immature. Many say Trump doesn’t know what he is doing…
He can only know what life experience has taught him. Trump studies laws, fines and punishments, and makes decisions accordingly. This is ethical fading — losing sight of when a decision is really about what is right or wrong versus how much it will cost you — and well-studied by today’s behavioral ethicists….

What do you think?

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  1. jamesdmeacham3

    I wrote an essay making a very similar point (though from an even more critical perspective): . The fact that Trump has never had to be transparent in any of his dealings because he was answerable to neither the SEC nor shareholders has warped his perception of what is permissible in business. I suspect that, without his family firm, he’d have been a serial failure due to his personal ethical shortcomings.

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