Ethics for German Brothels

business_ethics_highlights_2 It’s always interesting and instructive to think about what ethical standards look like in controversial industries. Brothels are doubly controversial. Some people think prostitution itself is immoral. Others think that while prostitution itself is OK, the businesses (like brothels) that profit from prostitution are either automatically immoral or just “often” predatory. The story below is about a certification system, run by a consortium of German brothels, for more ethical institutions in that troubled industry.


LINK: German brothels get new ‘ethical sex seal’ for prostitution (from Deutsche Welle)

The German brothel owners’ association, BSD, has made a bid to introduce “controlled quality, transparency and service” to the country’s sex industry with the launch of a “seal of approval” for brothels.

In a statement, the BSD said that the purpose of the seal was to “counter the general vilification and many false conceptions about the structures and working procedures” in brothels.

The seal comes in three categories, or “stages,” the most important being the stage 1 badge, which establishes who the owner of the brothel is, how they can be reached, how big the brothel is, and guarantees that it meets not just the minimum working standards of Germany’s prostitution law, but also certain other standards….

What do you think?

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