On-the-Job Brain Injuries (for football players)

business_ethics_highlights_2 What would you do if you ran an organization and found that 2/3 of your employees were sustaining substantial brain damage as a result of working for you? Would you feel obligated to change something? To improve safety standards? Shut down the business? Or would the fact that your employees were there voluntarily — and perhaps paid very well — be enough to soothe your conscience?


LINK: Study on ex-CFLers shows ‘shocking’ severity of brain changes from football (from CBC News)

“The only word for it, honestly, was ‘shocking,'” said McMaster’s Dr. John Connelly.

He said he was taken aback by the severity and the extent of the changes found in the brains of the former football players.

“We had about two thirds of our players show very significant brain changes,” he said….

What do you think?

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