#MeToo in the Classroom

business_ethics_highlights_2The article below (which includes an interview with BEH co-editor Chris MacDonald) talks about the way the #MeToo campaign is changing on-campus discussions, particularly in business schools.

LINK: In the #MeToo era, ethics training gains urgency (by Erik Heinrich for the Globe & Mail)

A 22-year-old woman in her first real job is dealing with a drunk boss’s overt advances at a corporate retreat. What sort of leadership challenge does this present for her direct supervisor, a 28-year-old man who is stuck in between?

A female programmer likes to wear earbuds while working. A senior executive interprets this behaviour as a possible sign of isolation and lack of fit with co-workers. At the same time he’s worried that his organization may have a “bro culture” that will drive away talented women, so he avoids discussing his concerns with the new programmer. Is this the right decision?

Both of the above are case studies being developed by Chris MacDonald, associate professor and director of the Ted Rogers Leadership Centre at Ryerson University in Toronto, and Leanne Nicolle, former executive director of the Canadian Olympic Foundation. Her allegations of sexual harassment two years ago led to the resignation of Canadian Olympic Committee president Marcel Aubut.

“The point of these case studies is to open eyes and to stimulate discussion,” says Dr. MacDonald, a former philosophy professor who is also chair of the department of law and business at the Ted Rogers School of Management. “I think business schools need to be talking about how you foster a culture of respect in the workplace…

What do you think?

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