Facebook, Accountability, and Leadership

business_ethics_highlights_2In business, it’s not enough to think you’re doing (or have done) the right thing. You need to be able to explain it. And increasingly, you need to be able to explain it to a very broad public. That’s what accountability means: being willing, ready, and able to account for your actions.


LINK: Facebook is facing its biggest test ever—and its lack of leadership could sink the company (by Matt Rosoff for CNBC)

Facebook is facing an existential test, and its leadership is failing to address it.

Good leaders admit mistakes, apologize quickly, show up where they’re needed and show their belief in the company by keeping skin in the game.

Facebook executives, in contrast, react to negative news with spin and attempts to bury it. Throughout the last year, every time bad news has broken, executives have downplayed its significance. Look at its public statements last year about how many people had seen Russian-bought election ads — first it was 10 million, then it was 126 million.

Top execs dodged Congress when it was asking questions about Russian interference. They are selling their shares at a record clip….

What do you think?

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