Ethics of McAfee Marketing via Rebate on Speakers

Our friend Marni sends us this interesting case, with a bit of advice attached: >>>

McAfee is getting desperate. I just found a pair of $90 speakers for $20 on Tiger Direct. The only catch? They came with a McAfee anti-virus subscription. Turns out the $70 discount is a mail-in rebate, and you’re only eligible for it if you actually install McAfee on your system and sign up your credit card with their renewal system.

Marni adds:

Don’t fall for these kinds of scams folks. There is a reason “removal tool” is Google’s top suggestion when you type “McAfee” into your search bar folks.

What do you think of this as a marketing strategy? No one is exactly being tricked here. But surely McAfee knows (better than most consumers know) that agreeing to auto-renew a subscription means that consumers will end up spending more than they intend to.

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